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  • After the band toured, serving as the opening act for The Darkness. Foxy Shazam announced that they would be embarking on a headlining tour starting in April 2012. They then toured as the opening act for Slash on his North American tour dates from September 4 to October 4, 2012.

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Foxy Shazam always puts on an amazing show, but they even outdid themselves on this one! On top of being extremely talented musicians, they are unmatched entertainers. The Gonzo album and tour are all about making the most of all of their abilities on every front.

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Kansas rockers Foxy Shazam have surprised fans by suddenly liberating a new album called Gonzo and, also much better, they've produced it free of charge! The cd is certainly in concern of the band's upcoming intensive tour that kicks off Might 27tl and sees support coming from Larry ánd His Flask. Gónzo had been documented with Steve Albini as professional and has been documented all at as soon as. Singer Eric Nally declares the record, “ was written in a room, documented in a space, all jointly.

It was a propagated expertise, and an less difficult process, and items really started to come out. It had been a extremely organic encounter, and it shows.” You can download the project below as nicely as check out tour dates.

Foxy Shazam provides never long been great at using the guidelines, but the most recent part in their rollercoaster story is unquestionably the most groundbreaking. Discovering musical place only hinted at in earlier produces, the music group's latest cd GONZO depicts Fóxy Shazam in théir almost all penetrating and open type. It is at as soon as this exceptional music group's almost all soothing, searing, weighty, biting, dreamy, and usually jarring statement to date, in a career constructed upon unorthodoxy. Prépare yourself for Fóxy Shazam in théir most going through and open form, their characteristic grandiosity clearly noticeable but taken in a serious new light.